Sub-Band Knowledge Distillation Framework for Speech Enhancement

Xiang Hao, Shixue Wen, Xiangdong Su, Yun Liu, Guanglai Gao, Xiaofei Li
INTERSPEECH 2020 - The 21th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association
In single-channel speech enhancement, methods based on full-band spectral features have been widely studying, while only a few methods pay attention to non-full-band spectral features. In this paper, we explore a knowledge distillation framework based on sub-band spectral mapping for single-channel speech enhancement. First, we divide the full frequency band into multiple sub-bands and pre-train elite-level sub-band enhancement model (teacher model) for each sub-band. The teacher models are dedicated to processing their own sub-bands. Next, under the teacher models’ guidance, we train a general sub-band enhancement model (student model) that works for all sub-bands. Without increasing the number of model parameters and computational complexity, the student model’s performance is further improved. To evaluate the proposed method, we conducted a large number of experiments on an open-source data set. The final experimental results show that the guidance from the elite-level teacher models dramatically improves the student model’s performance, which exceeds the full-band model by employing fewer parameters.